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Posted by GMHotmilk - May 22nd, 2019

Visual Novels


I may consider to redesigh/redraw the existant one. The work on "Gucest" one is stopped, but I may release it in the future without finishing, since I spent so much work on it in the past.

For now there's one idea of a novel I'd like to do, but I'm leaving it for the future.



If you were around since the end of December, you could've notice a little peek of a comic-redo I started. I stopped working on it once I realised I'm already late for christmas (it's in the theme...kinda). But in the end of it, I think I should finish the remaining pages. Plus do a little comparison with the old version to please the ego, haha!

There's also a comic I did with Aeon, which was completely random and can also be redrawn. Unsure about that, but people seemed to like it and I feel more confident as an artist, so...it's possible?

Still, my biggest dream is to share my most oldest and favorite passion projects "Universal", which for now may be difficult to accomplish. I don't brush off the desire to once try and draw it.



I'm currently working on telling the story of original characters and the universe itself. A little peek of it you may have noticed if you were around long enough (it is now removed and gonna me remade)

The story will be present like this:

  • Legend of Strange
  • Aeon's diary
  • The Trinity

I started to work on both legend and diary, but got stuck a bit on the first one, cause I believe it should be told differently from the way I wrote it.

Also, I have a couple of side stories, completely unrelated to the original universe and I have no idea if I should rewrite or even post them (and where?)



With enough dedication, I'm capable of all. Then again, I have no idea if I even should or what to do. So I can try out some stuff without expecting it to stick around for long.



My biggest task for now is to get into requests/commissions work. Fanarts are not really my thing, and usually I can only draw suggestions, rarely my own ideas. But I adore doing OCs! Yet it feels like if I'll be stuck drawing only them - no one will request stuff from me. So I'm unsure what to do.

I may possibly try again in the future, but keep it a side thing. Just to see if there's anyone who wants to get art from me. If not - it'll continue to be a side thing, that I'd do when someone is interested.



  • No visual novels for now
  • 1 possible comic
  • 2 stories in progress
  • Might do music, animation or 3d stuff
  • Will open requests, YCHs and commissions...soon?